Hydraulic & Lube Oil – By-Pass Filter

Matrix By-Pass Filter is design to install at any Hydraulic Systems or Machines, on by pass basis, to extract mousier and contaminations from hydraulic oil. Pressure is controlled by PRV (Pressure reducing valve) which makes this filter suitable for upto 200 BAR pressure application. Matrix filter maintains oil flow approximately 5LPM at 2BAR Pressure. It’s maintained the oil as per NAS 6 or better, in the same time its safeguard the desirable elements compounded within the oil.

Traditional filtration systems typically leave particles smaller than 5-10 microns which is circulating in fluid causing damage to hydraulic system and equipment’s like- Piston, Servo Valves, Hydraulic Pump etc. Matrix By-Pass Filter based on In-depth Media Filter and acts by absorbing water and particles in a continuous filtration process. The special cellulose long fibers absorb free and dissolved water from the oils which is formed either through the combustion process or by condensation.

matrix hydraulic and lube oil by pass filter


  • Capable of removing mousier and contaminations.
  • Remove contamination down to less than 1micron.
  • Prevents contamination related failures of bearing and servo valves
  • Its retards regeneration of continuous wears and hence improves machine reliability and productivity
  • This filtration system helps extends oil life.
  • Reduce oil change interval.
  • Maintained oil as per NAS 6 or better.
  • Safeguard the desirable elements compounded within the oil.
  • No power requirement.

Technical Specifications

Product Suitable for Tanks Size Water Retention Temperature Filtration Rating
Matrix By-Pass Filter Upto-1500 1Litter/Per/Cartridge Upto 65 °C 1 Micron
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