Hydraulic Oil Cleaning Machine

Matrix Filtration System is a multi-purpose semi-automated Oil Cleaning Machine. This machine is designed to filter and maintain the industrial oils. Also can be used as a Hydraulic Oil Filtration Machine, Lube Oil Filtration Machine, Gear Oil Cleaning Machine and Turbine Oil Cleaning Machine, Oil Flushing Machine, and diesel type fuels. This machine can be permanently connected to large oil reservoirs and used as a mobile skid for small size oil tanks. With a wide range of filtration flow rates, it is suitable for various applications in different industries.


  • Matrix Filtration System maintains the lube oil including hydraulic and turbine oils at NAS 6 or better.
  • Removes contaminations down to less than 1 Micron.
  • Maintains the rate of contamination removal higher than it is getting generated and is applicable to various viscosity grades upto 680 CST in different applications.
  • Prevents contamination related failures of bearing and servo valves.
  • This filtration system helps Extends oil life and maintained all oil properties.
  • Its retards regeneration of continuous wears and hence improves machine    Reliability and Productivity.
  • Matrix Filtration System can also be used for recycling oil used in flushing applications.
hydraulic matrix filtration


Our filter cartridge based on In-depth Media Filter and acts by absorbing water and particles in a continuous filtration process. The special cellulose long fibers absorb free and dissolved water from the oils which is formed either through the combustion process or by condensation.

Larger oil molecules are forced to pass between the different layers of the cartridge which removes up to 99.9% of water and contaminations.

As the oil passes through the cartridge, minute particles of carbon, wear metals, silicon, varnish and oxidation residues are extracted from the oil by adhering to the many layers of the filter cartridge.

Removing water and particle contamination by continues flirtation- results the ageing effect of such catalysts are minimized, which enables the oil life to be extended.

Filtration Level

Our filter cartridge are designed for complete removal of particles contamination down to less than 1 Micron & moisture below 500 PPM, with viscosity range from 10 CST up to 680 CST, at the NAS-1638 Class 6 levels

We remove- Sludge, Water, Solid Particles, from Hydraulic and Lube oils.

Sludge– Varnish formed due to oxidation process
Water– Formed either through the combustion or condensation process.
Solid Particles– Enters from many ways in Hydraulic Systems.

After a few hour of operation oil will become as like as new oil.

Technical Details

Model Number Suitable Water Retention/Per cartridge* Flow Rate/Per Hour* Electrical Motor Dimensions
MFS/Single Filter Upto 2,500 Ltrs Tank 1.Kg 600-LPH HP-0.5

Volt- 415


RPM- 1450

MFS/Double Filter Upto 5000 Ltrs Tank 1.Kg 800-LPH HP-0.5

Volt- 415


RPM- 1450

MFS/Four Filter Upto 10000 Ltrs Tank 1.Kg 1200-LPH HP-0.5

Volt- 415


RPM- 1450



Matrix Filter Cartridge
Model Number Suitable Water Retention* Dimensions Micron Rating*
MFC-100 All MFS Models 1.Kg D- 200 H -115 1 Micron(Absolute)

Please note product specification may be changed without prior notice.

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