In-line Magnetic Filter/Separator- for Food Processing Industry.

The presence of metal particles in food processing is always the source of problems in ensuring product quality. The contaminants are present in the form of fine & tramp iron particles. 

Our In-line magnetic filters are used to remove ferrous and paramagnetic tramp particles from the food processing line. Matrix magnetic filters’ benefits are based on their ability to remove almost 100%* of ferrous particles including sub-Micron particles from the slurry or liquid. It can be installed before product intake points or finished goods outlet points for the removal of fine ferrous particles up to sub-micron in size. Contamination such as rust and fine ferrous dust from machine wear or pipe-line is too small to be detected by a metal detector but these can be easily trapped by the magnetic filter. 

These units can be manufactured to meet any flow rate with any number of magnetic rods as per application requirements. these units are suitable for at any old or new machinery with miner pipe fittings. The magnetic field blocks the passage of any ferrous object, which, being located in the inferior section of the magnetic candle, remains safe from any potential detachment caused by the liquid pressure.


Grid magnets are suitable for removing ferrous contaminations from recycling plants and waste treatment facilities, food industry, plastic and in wood, recovery of ferrous metal from the crushing of appliances, cars, computers, mineral crushing

Products Suitable-

Slurry or Liquid

Line Connection-

Nipple connections, Flange, Tri Clamp, SMS Union etc. 


  • Simple to install. 
  • Easy To clean 
  • Removes contaminants up to sub-micron in size from your process. 
  • Meet industry audit requirements. 
  • Rare Earth 12,500 Gauss Magnets. 

Technical Details-

  • Magnetic Performance 12,500 Gauss Strength
  • Performance Reading On tube surface
  • Magnetic Material Rare Earth Neodymium Iron Boron
  • Temperature -5º C/ + 90º C


  • Grid Frame 316 Grade Stainless Steel
  • Tubing 316 Grade Stainless Steel 
  • Other Parts 316 Grade Stainless Steel
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