Magnetic Coolant SeparatorsHigh Intensity- Rare Earth

Magnetic Coolant Separators are a very effective and economical way of extracting contamination from the coolant. It extends the life of cutting tools, grinding wheels, and pumps. Clean coolant results in reduced machine downtime and lower operating costs. The contaminated coolant (fluid with iron dust particles) falling via gravity into the inlet of the separator from the machine. The coolant with iron particles comes into direct contact with a high-intensity rare-earth magnetic drum and extracts all iron particles. The magnetic drum is kept clean all the time by a scraper blade along the circumference. A rubber roller squeezes the sludge gathered to ensure that no coolant is wasted and all contamination dumped into the dustbin for reclaim purposes. 


1.Fully automatic operation
2. Removes up to 99% of magnetic material
3. Can be used on new or existing machines
4. Sturdy welded powder coated frame.
5. The magnets enclosed in stainless steel drum having high-intensity rare earth magnets with uniform magnetics filed all along the circumference.
6. Neoprene rubber roller with cover bearings.
7. Stainless steel blade with adjustments for efficient scrapping of the sludge.
8. Electric motor working with reduction gear revolving around the drum.
9. Customized design is also available.


Suitable application for magnetic coolant separator is Grading machine, honing machine, shaving machine, Rolling Mill, Steel Plants or any application wherever contaminated coolant is a problem. 

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Suitable Locations:

Suitable location can be any machine coolant return line. 

Technical Details:

 Flow rate:  from 40LPM to 1000 LPM.

 Motor: 0.12HP,0.25HP- 3 PH, 415 V, 50 Hz.


 MOC: Mild Steel.

magnetic coolant separator
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