Matrix Magnetic Filter

Magnetic Filter uses high-intensity ‘rare earth’ Neodymium Magnet with 12,500 Gauss which is designed to remove sub-micron contamination like- ferrous, stainless steel, tungsten carbide, from industrial fluids such as coolants & oils can be use as a Coolant Filtration System.

Removal of such particles results in increased fluid life ,improves the surface finish of your products, enhance component accuracy and reduces wear on your machinery and tools. Its uses permanent magnet so does not require any consumables and power to operate. it is available in three sizes and can we customized as per customer requirements, standard version available with a core of either three or five.

How It Works

Contaminated fluid enters the matrix magnetic filter via the inlet port and flow upside through the high intensity magnetic rods which attract and hold the contamination. Clean fluid comes out via outlet port.

Unique Flow Technology

The magnetic circuit is designed in such a manner that create unique flow path to flow the fluid when the filter is fully contaminated with particles and no Back pressure, generated.

How to Clean

To clean the filter first open the clamp then lift-out the contaminated magnetic rods and remove the contamination from the rods using the specially designed cleaning tool.

      Product data

  • Suitable for Inline/offline filtration.
  • Manually cleaned
  • Full stainless steel construction-304
  • 12,500 Gauss, high-intensity Neodymium magnet
  • Temp range: 5°C to 80°C.

Magnetic Filtration

The presence of ferrous contaminants in industrial fluids is always the source of problem in ensuring the product quality. The contaminants are present in the form of fine & tramp ferrous particles. These particles are re-circulating with fluid and having damaging effects on equipments- cutting tools, pumps, product accuracy etc.

Magnetic filtrations are used to remove ferrous and paramagnetic tramp particles from industrial fluid such as coolants, cutting oils, and washing solutions. Matrix Magnetic filters benefits are based on their ability to remove almost 100%* of ferrous particles including Sub-Micronics particles from the fluids.

The Benefits are : 

  • Lower Operating Costs
  • Longer lasting Fluids-Removing all particulate down to submicron level increases the life of the fluids and reduces significantly the risk of bacterial growth.
  • No Consumables-There is no consumable parts used in magnetic filter
  • Low Running Cost- No power required to operate.
  • Increased Productivity
  • Flow Rates Maintained-The lack of resistance to flow maintains high flow rates and avoids the risk of Back Pressure even when fully loaded with contamination.
  • Perfect Fine Filtration-Magnet filters provide Sub-Micron filtration without consumable parts
  • Reduced Wear-Because all fine particulate is removed the abrasive effect on the machine is vastly reduced, extending machine and cutter life.
  • Improved Surface Finish-The removal of the fine particulate also improves the surface finish of the components being produced.

Product Applications
Grinding, Honing, Lapping, Shaving, Gun Drilling, Deep-Hole Drilling, Super-finish/Polishing, wash systems, Steel pipe cutting, EDM Machine, Laser Cutting, CNC, VMC,HMC Machines, Tungsten Carbide Grinding.

Product Pic
magnetic filter gear shaving machine
Product Code Number of cores Maximum flow rate* Max. Contamination holding capacity Max. Operating
Pressure BAR
NM-70 1 Upto 70 1 Kg 10
NM-150 3 150LPM 3 Kg 10
NM-250 3 250LPM 3 Kg 10
NM-500 5 500LPM 6 Kg 10


Product Code A B C D E Port SizeBSP
NM-70 225 130 90 30 190 ½’’
NM-150 280 194 114 60 220 1’’
NM-250 350 194 114 80 270 1.5’’
NM-500 490 268 170 150 360 2.5’’

Note– All dimension in mm

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