Paper Band Filter System

Paper Band Filters are used for filtration of contaminated coolant and similar type of metalworking fluids coming out of any CNC machine tool. These machines offer better filtration and efficiency. offers a very high degree of reliability and guarantees that the coolant will be filtered with the less use of filter paper and power.

How Its Works-

The principle of Matrix Paper Band Filter System is by gravity and hydrostatic Pressure, this combination offers the required pressure for coolant to pass through the filter media. The contaminated fluid enters paper band filter from the inlet provided at the side. The contaminated fluid enters the trough with steady low velocity to avoid turbulence. The coolant further passes through the filter media by gravity. When the filter media gets clogged by contaminates the coolant level rises and activates the float switch, which in turn moves the honey comb chain belt and pulls fresh filter paper from the roll automatically. When the level of the coolant goes down the float switch stops the geared motor. paper band filters are suitable for all types of grinding machines, honing machines, machining centers and rolling mills etc. Compact band filters are available from 100 LPM to 1000 LPM capacities.


This unit also comes with in-build magnetic separator/magnetic filter wherein coolant first gets filtered on magnetic filter where 90% of the ferrous particles are removed by high intensity magnets, which are leads to consume less paper and power.


  • Paper Lasts Longer, and hence more time interval between paper changes.
  • Use less power, and suitable for high volume filtration.
  • Can filter coolant and oil with ferrous and non-ferrous metal and non-metal materials also.
  • Clean coolant to provide brilliant surface finish on the work piece
  • Can be used different micron paper as per application requirement.
  • 50, 20, 10-micron papers available for this machine.
  • It can be connected with magnetic filter for optimum filtration.
  • Can be used for very high flow rate application.

Filter Paper Media

Matrix Filtration, uses and supply high quality non-woven Filter Paper(Filter Media), which is an integral part of any filtration system, our  Non-woven’s paper are appropriate for coolant and oil filtration applications because they are lightweight, strong, and have good chemical resistance and are an excellent value for money. Our filter fabric media offers excellent filtration characteristics, reduces tramp oil and is very competitive in price.

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