Patch Test Kit.

Portable Oil Patch Test Kit is an important tool for identifying and monitoring contamination level in oils like Hydraulic Oils, Lube Oils, Turbine Oils etc. This kit enables instant visual analysis through a microscope for major types of contaminations including metals, fibres, silica, plastics, and more. Our testing kit is suitable for oil samples before & after filtration.

A sample of the test oil is passed through a filter membrane via the vacuum pump and mounted in a membrane holder which is now ready for visual analysis. Comparisons charts are supplied with the kit, which helps to identify cleanliness levels of oil samples.

This kit is supplied complete with everything required for taking samples and processing them, major parts of testing kit, Oil free Vacuum pump, Filtering Flask, Filter glass holder, filter membrane, 100 X Microscope and many more.

It is simple to assemble and use.  We supply this kit in 47 MM and 25 MM dia with wide range of filter membrane 0.8-micro, 0.5-micron, 45-micron, 5-Micron etc. 

How to conduct the test. 

We need to estimate the overall contaminants in mg 100ml /dirt.  we can start with 100 ML oil sample per test. A 100 mm diameter 0.5-micron patch membrane is placed under the fluid funnel assembly. After that a 100 ml fluid sample is placed into the funnel assembly with the funnel assembly which is attached to the suction vacuum pump the test can now be performed.

The vacuum pump is then started which pulls the fluid from the funnel through the 47 mm membrane filter. Use the solvent to wash the funnel of all fluid residues. Then place the patch membrane with 100X microscope to visually see the captured particles caught by the 0.5-micron patch membrane filters.

Remember, you are looking at the overall density of the contaminants, not just the actual colour. This visual representation can be used to determine the ISO Fluid Cleanliness Class Range.

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oil patch testing kit
oil patch testing kitt
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