Rod Magnet High Intensity Rare Earth

Matrix high intensity rare earth permanent type rod magnets are very efficient and economical way of removing ferrous and paramagnetic contamination up to sub-micron level from the various application including Powders, Liquids Granulates etc. 

Rods are available at various sizes OEM’s can incorporate them into their machinery with the minimum amount of change in design. Each rod is tapped with M8 thread at one end as standard for ease installation.

We have been designing and manufacturing magnetic tools for various industry and applications. High temperature up to 200º C magnet rod is available for high temperature application.

How to Clean

Rod magnets can be cleaned in seconds by simply pushing the attracted contamination to one end to another end by using our cleaning tools. 


Suitable application for magnetic rod is Granulates, Powders & Liquids or any application wherever contamination is a problem. 

Suitable Locations:

Process area.


1.Easy to clean
2.Simple to use
3.Available in various sizes
4.Removes micron sized contaminants
5.Meet audit requirements
6.Long life equipment

Technical Details:

Magnetic Performance: 7,500 Gauss & 12,500 Gauss – Reading On tube surface 

Magnetic Material: Rare Earth Neodymium Iron Boron Magnet.

Temperature:  5º C/ + 80º C 

Materials: Tube: 316 Grade Stainless Steel

End Detail: Tapped M8 x 10MM.

Size: As per application requirement.

Type: Permanent type magnet

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