Product No.: OQSXG2-IM

OQSx-G2 IM is a hybrid hardware and technology license, oil condition analysis and analytics monitoring solution designed for embedded integration in higher volume cost sensitive applications. Ideal for automotive and other high volume applications.

OQSx-G2 IM is powered by our proprietary FSH core technology which combines real time oil condition analysis with data analytics to provide unmatched insight into equipment maintenance and health status. The electro-chemical properties of oil are continuously analysed to a sensitivity of 0.001%, generating high quality raw data, which is then processed using our advanced analytics. This enables OQSx-G2 IM to accurately detect and measure all wear, contamination and failure modes and reliably inform you when equipment requires maintenance.

OQSx-G2 IM can be integrated on any equipment where existing ICU or other similar data processing capable devices exist.

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