Tan Delta Mobile Oil Tester

The Mobile Oil Tester (MOT) kit enables field testing of oil condition and is ideal for workshops, maintenance depots and and mobile maintenance crews. The kit is built around the OQSx-G2 oil condition monitoring sensor which connects to any PC or Lap Top operating the Tan Delta CADS application (included). Any oil sample can be instantly tested and its precise condition determined.

  • ALL YOU NEED : Everything your service engineers need to undertake instant oil analysis in one place.
  • PORTABLE : The MOT Kit is fully portable – ideal for the workshop and for field maintenance crews.
  • ROBUST & RUGGED – Housed within a rugged industrial quality IP67 rated case, ideal for throwing in the back of your service vehicle and carrying on site.
  • INSTANT RESULTS : Instant diagnosis of potential issues with the ability to store trend data.
  • FULLY CONFIGUARABLE : Suitable for use in any commercial or industrial environment, the MOT Kit allows accurate testing of any oil or fuel oil.
  • INDEPENDENTLY TESTED: Has undertaken rigorous independent testing to verify the outstanding performance in a wide variety of applications.

Every equipment operator knows that machine monitoring enables effective management and thus increased reliability, efficiencies and profits. Oil condition monitoring with Tan Delta takes this to a new level through much greater insight into the real condition of your equipment. Delivering significantly enhanced financial and operating benefits.

  • IMPROVE SAFETY : Ensures your equipment is in optimal condition making a safer working environment.
  • REDUCE LAB ANALYSIS : Immediate real-time data allows you to make on-site maintenance decisions instead of waiting for costly and time-consuming lab analysis results.
  • ROBUST ENVIRONMENTAL SPECIFICATION : The OQSx-G2 oil condition sensor is proven around the world for use in even the most extreme industrial and commercial applications.
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