Tan Delta Systems Limited

In 2021 Matrix Filtration India Pvt Ltd had a collaboration with TAN Delta Systems Ltd, UK based company, world leader in oil condition monitoring & management systems, with over a decade of real time oil analysis technology development and equipment maintenance analytics expertise.

Tan Delta Systems Limited provide products and systems which enable equipment operators to significantly reduce operating costs whilst simultaneously increasing productivity.

Tan Delta sensor products are built around our proprietary FSH™ core technology which fuses real time oil analysis and data analytics to provide highly accurate and precise insight to the real condition of oil and maintenance status of equipment. FSH™ is the name we give to our proprietary core technology. It is an anacronym for Full Spectrum Holistic. We named it FSH™ because it summaries the unique capabilities of the technology. It will detect any wear or contamination (provides a full spectrum of analysis) and because of that provides a total all-encompassing monitoring solution that misses nothing (provides a holistic monitoring solution).

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